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Good Deal

A GOOD DEAL offer is a PROMZ booking purchased online for an attractive price and resold by the buyer in case of a last minute hitch.
It’s like a second hand offer for a stay in a high-class hotel. .

How it works: :

* - Something has come up, and the initial buyer decides to put his/her booking on sale. This can be done from the personal booking management space online.

* - The seller is not allowed to increase the price but can lower it.

* - An interested buyer buys the offer that has become a Good Deal.

* - The new (the second) buyer pays the booking online.

* - PROMZ’s website sends the Good Deal's booking confirmation to the new buyer with the bill.

* - PROMZ notifies the name change to the hotel, which leads to the Good Deal confirmation.

* - PROMZ deposits the money of the resale to the initial (the first) client, after a 10% deduction on the transaction, due to management costs.

* - Except from the name change, the initial characteristics of the offer remain unchanged.

* - The Good Deal buyer and the reseller are both sure to make a good deal!

* - PROMZ makes therefore three people happy: the two clients and the hotel that avoids a no show (an empty room).

* - Good Dealoffers can’t be sold after midnight the day before arrival.

* Safe deal: there can’t be any problems between the two clients because they are not in contact. Every transaction goes through the website. Same thing between the clients and the hotel: PROMZ HOTEL has made a name change agreement with all the partners (the hotels) in case of a booking’s resale.
Good deal

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