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What kinds of offer are displayed on PROMZ HOTEL ?

On its website, PROMZ HOTEL ONLY sells non-cancellable and non-refundable offers that are systematically cheaper than cancellable and refundable offers.

Our clients will permanently find on our website an overview of all the promotional offers of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in France and in Europe, carefully selected by us. the discounts can reach up to 40% in comparison with the cancellable and refundable price.

Why choosing PROMZ HOTEL ?

For many reasons !

  • -a qualitative choice of mid and high range hotels
  • - a continuous selection of the best hotel promotions
  • - the opportunity to resell a booking if something cropped up
  • - the Good Deal offers

And last but not least, it is the first website to take into account the interests of the client AND of the hotel, allowing the hotel to find clients for its non-refundable and non-cancellable offers, and allowing the client to be fully satisfied.

What is PROMZ HOTEL’s added value?

In order to provide flexibility for the client buying a non-cancellable and non-refundable offer, PROMZ HOTEL offers the opportunity to resell a booking if something cropped up.

What is a non-cancellable and non-refundable offer (a flexible offer)?

This is what hotels offer: The sales conditions of cancellable and refundable offer stipulate that this type of offer is cancellable for free, before the day of arrival. Usually, this deadline is 48 hours before the the day of arrival. If this deadline is not respected, you have to pay the no show fees.

This type of offer is based on its flexible conditions and offer less attractive prices

What is a non-cancellable and non-refundable offer?

A non-refundable offer is in principle prepaid with the booking. Therefore, it is non-cancellable and non-refundable, and is based on a much more attractive price.

This is what hotels offer: a non-refundable offer is by nature prepaid with the booking, and is based on a much more attractive price. The percentage discount (that can reach up to 40%), deducted from the flexible offer.

What is the difference between non-refundable offers and other offers?

A non-refundable offer is in principle less expensive because of its restrictive sale conditions.

Its price is systematically more attractive than the flexible offer’s (cancellable and refundable) and is related to the percentage discount (that can reach up to 40%), deducted from the flexible offer.

What is the point of booking a non-refundable offer?

It is about getting the best prices available. Because of its restrictive booking conditions, the non-cancellable and non-refundable offers are always cheaper than other offers.

Is it possible to find a better price for a non-refundable offer on another website?

No, it isn’t, because all the booking websites are regulated by a pricing parity (including on the hotel’s website). PROMZ HOTEL is the only one to offer the opportunity to the client to resell his/her booking if something cropped up.

Do I have to book on PROMZ HOTEL in order to benefit from the resale flexibility?

Yes, the after-sale service is only dedicated to clients who booked on our website. A booking made on another website cannot be resold on PROMZ HOTEL.

When should make a booking?

At any time, depending on your booking habits. You will find on PROMZ HOTEL promotional offers to a price that is systematically cheaper than on other websites, whether you are:

  • - a client booking early booking (early booking offers)
  • - a client booking at the last minute (last minute offers)
  • - a client booking randomly (flash offers and private sales)
  • - a client willing to buy packages
  • - a client on the lookout for « Good Deal »

A hotel booking website taking into account the client And the hotel’s interests, allowing the hotel to find the clients for its non-refundable offers, and allowing the client to be fully satisfied.

What is a « Good Deal » offer?

The GOOD DEALS are the bookings that have been purchased and that are being resold by the first buyer.

What are the booking terms?

On its website, PROMZ HOTEL promotes the sale of hotel stays and the booking of hotel rooms under non-cancellable and non-refundable conditions, which requires the full prepayment of the hotel stay by the client.

When you make a booking, PROMZ HOTEL automatically sends you a booking confirmation email, for any confirmed purchase

What does the price (incl.taxes) include?

The price incl. taxes that you pay on the website corresponds to the room category, the number of nights and to the equipment and services you’ve selected.

Each room has a detailed descriptive of the equipment and services it offers, which are guaranteed by the hotel.

For instance, if you want to make sure that the breakfast or the taxes are included in the price, please click on the room name. You will also find a short description of these details on your confirmation email.

Credit card: when is my booking actually paid?

All the bookings are prepaid when you confirm your purchase on the website. You must have a valid credit card to make a booking on PROMZ HOTEL.

How can I make a booking?

You just need to give the dates and the location of your stay. The prices and types of rooms available will be displayed on our page.

What is the percentage discount for the non-refundable offers?

The discount can reach up to 40%. The discount is applied to the best offer on that day, among the flexible refundable and cancellable offers.
The percentage discounts can change depending on the hotel, the dates, the room category and the number of nights. The hotel is free to choose the amount of the percentage discounts.

Booking confirmation and hotel details:

PROMZ HOTEL will give to the client a confirmation of the booking prepayment and a bill, stipulating all the terms and conditions related to the services provided. The booking number will be displayed on the confirmation and will be used as a voucher at the hotel registration desk (you will also need to present your ID).
The details of the client and of the hotel are written on all the booking confirmations.

Do I have to open an account in order to make a booking?

No, you don’t need to open an account to make a booking. Your account is automatically created from the 1st reservation. You received your ID by mail just after your first confirmation of booking.

How can I access my personal management space online? Automatic opening of your user account

When you make your 1st purchase on the website, a personal user account is automatically created and your personal login and password will be sent to you by email, right after you confirmed your purchase.

What can I do on my client space?

You will be able to manage your booking at any time (change the dates of your stay, resell your booking, etc...) You will also have access to your previous bookings.

Can I modify a PROMZ non-refundable booking?

This offer cannot be modified. The special prices that are offered depend on the booking dates.

What are the terms and conditions for the resale of the « Good Deal »?

A same booking cannot be resold twice. A Good Deal offer cannot be resold.
PROMZ HOTEL does not guarantee the success of the resale. Nevertheless, its team will do its very best to highlight the Good Deal in the Good Deal heading, to allow the client to get his money back, partially or fully.
The reseller client can’t, in any case, increase the initial price but can lower it to a certain extent, in order to better his/her odds.

PROMZ HOTEL takes a minimum process fee commission for each resale.
A resale confirmation makes the resale firm and binding to the benefit of the new buyer, who becomes the owner of the Good Deal.

Who reimburses me when I have to resell my booking?

When the 1st buyer resells a booking to the 2nd buyer, PROMZ HOTEL acts as an intermediary and pays the money to the 1st client, after a 10% deduction for management costs.

Is the resale of the booking guaranteed by PROMZ HOTEL?

PROMZ HOTEL cannot guarantee the resale of the booking. We will do our very best to highlight the GOOD DEAL on our website. In order to facilitate the resale of the booking, the client can lower its price, to a certain extent.

How can the second buyer know that the Good Deal is the best offer?

The GOOD DEALS are the cheapest deals. You might be the lucky one to get it!
You can also invite your friends to buy your booking, and they will tell you about their stay…

Can I increase the price of my booking (if I resell it a few weeks after) since it is likely to remain cheaper than the hotel’s?

No, you can’t. The client is not allowed to increase the initial booking price.
We are no speculators, and we don’t want to encourage people to resell just for the good of it.
Our service Good Deal is ONLY aimed at bringing flexibility to the client, while giving the opportunity to other people to benefit from it. It is a win-win deal between individuals.

We are very demanding and alert about that ethic.

Can I cancel a booking?

No cancellation or refunding is possible once it has been confirmed and prepaid on our website. PROMZ HOTEL only sells non-cancellable and non-refundable offers.
Nevertheless, if something cropped up, you are given the opportunity to resell your booking on the website. So far, PROMZ HOTEL is the only website to offer this after-sale service.

How do you select the hotels for your website?

We focus on quality rather than quantity. We offer a range of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and charming hotels on our website. We always demand the highest quality of the products and services we sell to the client

The notification of a hotel on depends mainly on
a- Being a 3, 4, 5 star hotel or a charming hotel
b- Our assessment of the products, after an audit visit at the hotel
c-The promotionals offers (non-cancellable, non-refundable) that are displayed on the website

* Please note that only the authenticated comments left by our clients who already stayed at your hotel, are taken into account for the classification of your hotel

We do not favor any hotel at the expense of another

What are the conditions of use for the hotel extra services?

Depending on the hotels, you will have access to additional paying services such as:

  • - An extra bed (please check if the hotel can offer this service by clicking on « extra services » and make sure you pay the hotel for it before finalizing your booking. You should carefully check the room description: the room may offer an extra bed.)
  • - Breakfast
  • - Room service
  • - Restaurant
  • -Bar
  • - Meeting room
  • - Spa and wellness
  • - Tourist Tax
  • - Child

Etc... All these extra services have different terms of use, depending on the hotels. They are not included in the booking you make on Any extra service has to be paid to the hotel.

Can I make an advanced search to find a hotel?

Yes, you can. After choosing your destination and dates, you can make an advanced search, choosing:

  • - Hotel name
  • - Price
  • - Star category
  • - Equipment (swimming pool, spa, smoking area, parking lot, Wi-Fi, bar, etc.)
Where is my hotel located?

You can locate the hotel by clicking on the map on the bottom left of the advanced search button.
You will receive by email the link locating your hotel on the map.

Does PROMZ HOTEL charge me for the booking of non-refundable offers?

PROMZ HOTEL does not charge any fees for the non-refundable bookings. You can benefit from the hotel promotions and discounts without any additional fees.

Does PROMZ HOTEL charge me for a Good Deals resale?

10% management costs are charged for the booking resale, only when and if the Good Deal is sold to a new buyer.

What do the crossed out prices correspond to?

The crossed out prices correspond to the flexible offer’s price. The discount corresponds to PROMZ HOTEL non-refundable offer.

Who can access my credit card details?

The prepayment is performed on PROMZ HOTEL’s website and no one else has access to your banking information (including the hotel).
The hotel can ask you for your banking information once you are at the hotel, in order to cover your extra services and spending.
Except from these extras (and sometimes the tourist tax), the hotel is not allowed to ask you to repay for your stay. If you want to extend your stay, you need to confirm this with the hotel.

What are the valid means of payments for PROMZ HOTEL?

In order to make a booking, you need to have:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Amex
  • PayPal
Is my credit card secured by PROMZ HOTEL?

To ensure the security of your data, your card details are encrypted under the control of the server of our payment partner. Those details are never stored.

Hotel terms and conditions

The different arrival times depend on the terms and conditions of the hotel. Early arrivals, late departures and other services (that might include an extra charge) have to be requested directly to the hotel, when these extra services are not displayed on our website.

How can I leave a comment about a hotel?

After each stay, PROMZ HOTEL sends you an email to invite you to leave a comment about the hotel you stayed in. Only the clients who have truly stayed at the hotel can have access to this service, by logging in.
We invite you to be totally honest, fair and respective regarding this comment. This will help to improve the hotel and PROMZ HOTEL’s services. Obviously, the hotel will be allowed to respond to your comment for more equity and for a better communication.
PROMZ HOTEL undertakes not to modify or delay your comments.

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