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General terms and conditions of sales

General Terms and Conditions of PROM’Z HOTEL booking

Information on PROMZ HOTEL web-based platform
Company : PROMZ Hôtel
Tax Identification number : 80214217400019
Value added tax identification number : FR9480214217400019
Data Register : RCS de Paris 802 142 174 with company capital of 7 500 euros.
Registered office : 9, rue Bailly, 75003 Paris France
Web domain name owner : PROMZ Hôtel

PROMZ HOTEL only sells non-cancellable and non-refundable promotional offersof 3, 4 and 5 hotels and charming hotels in France and in Europe..

1 - Data piracy !

Personal information collected on is only used by the hotel that sold the booking. PROMZ HOTEL is responsible for ensuring that laws and rules related to data protection and confidentiality are respected, in line with the Law 2004-801, of August 6, 2004.

2 - Disclaimer

PROMZ HOTEL and its affiliated hotels fight against any unlawful conduct. They reserve the right of inspection on customer bookings with unlawful conducts. .

3 - General terms and conditions

The following clauses set out the general and legal conditions governing the use of the website by its users. The hotel bookings displayed on the website will be governed by the general terms and conditions but also by the particular conditions of the hotel, which are available during the booking process..

They include but are not limited by the conditions of sales, the currency of payment and the use of facilities. .

4 - Service's financials conditions

Les tarifs proposés, par l'Hôtel sur le site de réservation PROMZ Hôtel sont nets, par jour et par chambre et n'incluent pas les taxes de séjour. Ces tarifs ne concernent que les réservations individuelles de chambres.

The hotel general terms and conditions are applicable to the sale of services..
The customer will not be charged of any booking fees when making a booking online..

* Payment of a booking

Selon le cas :
- PROMZ Hôtel encaisse la vente de nuitées hôtelières et/ou de packages souscrits en ligne au nom et pour le compte de l'Hôtel. La réservation ainsi que son prépaiement de la réservation se font via
- L'hôtel encaisse la vente de nuitées hôtelières et/ou de packages souscrits en ligne. Le prépaiement de la réservation se fait directement à l'hôtel dès la confirmation de la réservation.

Au moment de réaliser une réservation en ligne, nous vous demanderons de nous communiquer vos informations bancaires, telles que le numéro, la date d'expiration de votre carte de crédit ainsi que le cryptogramme.

Tout autre service additionnel se règle directement à l'hôtel par le client lui-même.

5 - Hotel selection

We look for quality, rather than quantity. We want to select good quality 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and charming hotels for our website. We require an irreproachable quality of the hotel product and services that we sell to the customer..

The selection of a hotel for our website depends mainly on : :

a - - Being a 3, 4, 5 stars hotel or a charming hotel
b - - Our assessment on your products and services, after our audit,
c - des offres promotionnelles et tarifs spéciaux, non annulables, non remboursables proposés sur le site.

* Please note that only the authenticated comments left by our clients who already stayed at your hotel, are taken into account for the classification of your hotel

We do not have any influence, in any way, about the classification of the hotels.

6 - Prices, promotions and discounts

The price of a non-refundable offer is by nature cheaper than the price of a refundable offer. Our customers will always find on our website an overview of our promotional offers belonging to our hotel selection, with discounts that can reach up to 40% compared to the refundable and cancellable price. .

7 - The flexibility of the offer : you can resell it in case of a last minute hitch

In order to give the customer the flexibility he/she needs for a non-refundable offer, PROMZ HOTEL gives the possibility to resell a booking through our website, if something comes up. .

8 - Booking conditions

On its website, PROMZ HOTEL promotes the sale of hotel stays and the booking of hotel rooms under non-cancellable and non-refundable conditions. The booking is confirmed by the full prepayment to the hotel stay on the website.

Nevertheless, the website gives the opportunity to the client to resell his/her (full) booking if something comes up.

The resold bookings become «Good Deal » on PROMZ HOTEL website. The « Good Deal » are outright and final purchases and cannot be resold. The same booking cannot be resold twice. The name change and the second/new buyer’s details will appear on the resale confirmation voucher (the initial booking characteristics remain the same)

The same booking cannot be resold twice. The name change and the second/new buyer’s details will appear on the resale confirmation voucher (the initial booking characteristics remain the same).

You can access your management space online with your personal login received by email, for any action you want to make upon your booking
The hotel may receive “Good Deal” resale confirmations up to midday on the day of arrival.


The client can, if something cropped up, resell his/her booking (of the full hotel stay) without causing any financial consequence to the hotel.

In case of a booking resale and name change, the following booking details will be written :
- The initial booking number
- The initial details of the hotel stay (dates, type of room, options)
- The new buyer’s name (customer number 2)
- The new buyer’s details

* Conditions de la revente :
PROMZ Hotel doesn't guarantee the resale success. However, our team will make every effort to promote the resale, in the section « Good Deal », to help the customer to get back the whole lot or part of his initial spending.

Le client revendeur ne peut en aucun cas augmenter le prix initial d\'achat mais peut cependant, jusqu\'à une certaine limite, baisser le prix d\'achat initial afin de mettre toutes ces chances de revente de son côté.

PROMZ HOTEL takes a 10% process fee commission for any booking resale before transferring the remaining amount to the reseller within 5 working days. This commission will be charged only if the sale is confirmed. .
PROMZ HOTEL doesn’t want to encourage the booking resale but wants, with the « Good Deal » concept, to offer a true after-sale service to the client. .

A resale confirmation makes the resale firm and binding, to the benefit of the new buyer, who becomes the owner of the « Good Deal »..

A booking can’t be resold twice. The resale of a booking is possible up to midnight the day before the day of arrival.

10 - Booking cancellation

No booking cancellation or refunding is possible once the payment has been confirmed and prepaid on PROMZ HOTEL’s website. In order share their attractive offers, the hotels have restrictive conditions for the sale. No early departure will be refunded..

To make, from its attractive price, the hotel benefit emits restrictive conditions of sales..
Nevertheless, the website gives the unique opportunity to the buyer to resell his/her booking if something cropped up. The client can, if something cropped up, resell his/her booking (of the full hotel stay) without causing any financial consequence to the hotel. .

If the Good Deal is not resold, it will be automatically given back to the initial buyer under the same conditions. The initial buyer is allowed to change his/her mind and decide to enjoy the stay at the hotel.

11 - Claims and litigations

Claims and litigation: The clients are given the opportunity to make comments and address complaints on PROMZ HOTEL’s website. .
PROMZ HOTEL is committed to warn the hotels about the received complaints on the quality of the service provided. The hotels are informed and can therefore respond to the complaints on the website. .
The hotel can either directly send a response to the client in the following days or send a response to PROMZ HOTEL that will ensure that the matter is dealt, and go back to make a reassessment of the hotel..

12 - Intelectual porperty

The website and all its components are the property of PromzHotel Copyright,, and are protected by copyright (Law of 11 March 1957 and 3 July 1985 of the Intellectual Property Code.) All rights reserved. Any other use of the Content, including but not limited to, reproduction for commercial purposes, modification, transmission, display, distribution or republication, without prior written permission of PROMZ HOTEL, is strictly prohibited and may lead to prosecution..

13 - Travel

As an agent, PROMZ HOTEL acts through its website like a simple intermediary between clients and hotels and does not provide for any other information than the booking confirmations. It is your responsibility to get authorizations that might be requested by the competent authorities of the country where you travel. .

14 - No show(EN)

Please inform the hotel of any no-show (on the day of arrival), knowing that, in this case, your booking can no longer be resold.

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